Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Minion Battle Engine Spoilers: Sacral Vault and Meat Thresher

Courtesy of this thread over on the Focus and Fury boards, here are some (very "grain of salt") spoilers for the upcoming Minion Battle Engines:

Sacral Vault: (Minion Gator Battle Engine)
SPD: 4
Rat: 5
Def: 9
Arm: 20
CMD: 10
20 health boxes

Gunfighter, Eyeless Sight

Weapon: Spectral Fury
Range: 12, RoF 1, Pow 13
Rapid Fire: d3
Deathly Dominion ( Bone Shaker on a gun). Costs 1 soul

Crypt of Souls: Gain 1 soul for each living model that is destroyed in its command area. If no souls are on it at the beginning of your Control Phase it gains d3 souls. Souls can be spent to boost attack and damage rolls.

Arcane Vortex: Spend a soul to negate a spell targeting the Vault or a model within 3'' of it.

Soul Sacrifice: Warlock can remove a soul to gain 1 fury point during the Warlock's activation [I'm assuming this is "at the start of" or something like that.]

Soul Storm: While this model has 1 or more soul tokens enemy models entering, or ending their activation within 2'' of the Vault take 1 damage."

Meat Thresher: (Minion Farrow Battle Engine)

COST - 9
FA - 2
Spd - 6
Str - 12
Mat - 6
Rat - 5
Def - 10
Arm - 19
CMD - 10 [maybe 12? Mostly irrelevant]

Inherent model special rules: Bulldoze/Ride-by/Weapon Platform

ROF: 1
Range: 10 [maybe 12, not sure]
POW: 12
Special weapon rules: autofire 2d3

Reach? - NO
P/S: 16
Special weapon rules:
Blood reaper (on first melee atk, make an atk on all enemy models in LOS and in melee range)
Grinding Wheel (additional die on atk rolls vs small based models)
Knockdown (models hit are knocked down)
Trash (additional die on dmg rolls vs knocked down models)

Other things of note that I found in the thread:

- The Sacral Vault can hold a maximum of 5 Souls.

- Both Minion battle engines can only work in Pacts; they cannot be taken in other Faction armies.


Both of those BEs sound pretty damn slick, and the Farrow one is honestly amazing if those are the final rules. Considering how much the Farrow are hurting for competitive options, I hope those spoilers are pretty close to the final rules (if not them exactly.)

The Sacral Vault seems like a cool, fun support piece that has some value in Gator lists. They don't need "strong" models quite as badly as the Farrow (having Gatormen as your core infantry choice is...pretty damn good,) but I think the Sacral Vault is good enough to be used without being an auto-include.

Rumor has it these models will be available at Lock and Load, so we'll see how accurate these spoilers are soon!


  1. The farrow battle engine seems nuts, in a good way. As you said, the Farrow are actually in need of a more competitive release, and the Gators can actually chill a little. It'll be interesting to see what both Yagayaga and Helga the Conqueror (which should be nicked TFLTS - the fat lady that sings) bring.

    Also, Gobber Pirates. There's a lot of love for Mercs/Minions at the moment.

  2. Agreed.

    I remember when the Minion BEs were previewed earlier this year the feeling seemed to be akin to "I hope they're good, but they'll probably be mediocre." If these spoilers are on track, both BEs look to be pretty excellent which is crucial to a faction with so few choices (and the innate problem of being split into two sub-factions with no crossover.)

    Merc/Minion Huge Base 2014. ;)