Monday, July 28, 2014


Snowpiercer is a movie that reminded me why we all pan for gold in the "now available" section of any given streaming video service: sometimes you find a nugget, and once in a rare while you'll find a vein.

Friday, July 25, 2014

The End of a Hamera

My recent game with Harkevich presented me with several insights on how Cephalyx play (which I plan on elaborating on at a different time,) and it put the final nail in the coffin for me with Harkevich. One needs to be able to recognize when a relationship isn't working out, and my long term fling with Harkevich has to come to an end, if nothing else for my sanity.

I'm sorry big guy. It's not me, it's you. We can still be friends, right?

The ring smelled of ham and beard 

Harkevich vs Exulon Thexus - Giving Up Ham

I played a game yesterday against a buddy of mine using Cephalyx. It was a decent game, albeit a bit one sided after the mid point. This game ended up being a tipping point for me, but more about that after the break.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Relic Knights - And Then There Were None

After many bourbon fueled hours of trimming flash and gluing, I am happy to finally be able to say that all of my Relic Knights models are assembled.

Well, that's not entirely true. Every faction set from the Kickstarter shipped with a few duplicate sets of models - in pretty much all cases it's extras of the non-character stuff you get in the Battle Box - and those are going to stay in their boxes for the time being. I'm sure I'll want the extra models later for flexibility/alternate cadre builds, but right now I don't have the stomach to glue together duplicates of anything.

I also have Candy, the Prismatic Relic Knight, but she's likewise staying in her box for the near future. The rules for creating a Prismatic/Void based cadre aren't terribly complicated, and I'm sure they're a fun way to make use of models from different factions at the same time, but I want to get some "normal" games in first.

With Shattered Sword PaladinsDoctrine, and Star Nebula Corsairs done, the Noh Empire were the only faction left to assemble. Pictures of the assembled models and impressions after the break.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Critical Hit Games Tournament Recap

This past weekend Critical Hit Games held a 35 point Steamroller tournament. 35 isn't my favorite point level, but I've been wanting to get out and play in more competitive events, so I figured I'd throw my hat in the ring.

The event ended up having a very solid turnout relative to the area and size of the store. 12 players, if I'm remembering correctly, which was enough to fill all of the available tables. Although we had enough players to go for 4 rounds, we ended up calling it after 3 since there was a clear winner (and of course most of us were brain melted by that point and willing to tap out.)

Before I get into any specifics: this was an absolutely excellent event. The PG'er that ran it did an excellent job, especially considering it was his first event. The rounds ran smoothly, the scenarios were clearly marked and set up, the round time was maintained and communicated clearly, and the whole event proceeded along at a nice, steady clip.

On top of that, the players that attended were an awesome bunch of guys to spend an afternoon with. Everyone I interacted with was very pleasant, spirits were high throughout the event, and all of my games were excellent experiences. The quality of players can absolutely make or break an event, and the excellence of everyone involved made this a great one to attend.

With all that out of the way, onto the recap! I'll try to keep it short, but there are 3 rounds worth of games to go through and it's still me and my love of words, so I promise nothing. Lists and game reports after the break.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Relic Knights Assembly - One To Go

The assembly continues. Someday I'll be finished, and I look forward to my children's children eventually playing a game with the model's I've assembled. I will glue the last one together on my deathbed.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Armchair Developer: Helping Out Man-O-War

Every Warmachine release cycle is an intoxicating experience. From the moment a new book is announced the world comes to life with all the possibilities. Every model you feel needs an improvement could finally see salvation; every problem you have may finally have a counter; a beloved warcaster may get a powerful new tool. Its very difficult to not get caught up in at least a little bit of hopeful excitement.

However, with that bliss comes some inevitable level of crushing disappointment. No matter how good a release cycle is, it's never going to be quite as good as you had dreamed it could be. Or, even worse: something you dreamed of actually became real, but it's rules suck or it's model is ugly as sin.

The best release cycles offset that disappointment with general quality. As a Khador player, the Vengeance release cycle contained almost nothing I had been hoping for (an Iron Fang solo was the only item on my list,) but the overall quality of the models is more than high enough (for me, that's "usable and fun" up to "amazing") that I almost don't care that none of my dream additions came through.

I said "almost." Every release cycle, the same dream goes unfulfilled.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Relic Knights Assembly - Two Down

The Relic Knights assembly festival continues. Pictures of more assembled models and thoughts about the line so far after the break.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Harkevich vs. Kreoss3 - Grolars In Dem Woods

After a few scheduling mishaps and a delay, I finally got a chance to put Harkevich on the table and test out a list I've had waiting for awhile (described here.)

I remembered to take pictures this time (with some helpful reminders from my friend) and I mostly took them at the right times. Mostly.

 Battle report, list thoughts, and more after the break.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hell Freezes Over: Relic Knights Delivered

Relic Knights, published by Soda Pop Miniatures, started out as a boutique line of minis - no rules or game system, just some nice looking models for painters and hobbyists. I stumbled across them at one point and always found myself coming back to their models. Of all the companies out there producing miniatures, they were one of the few that did a good job of capturing an anime aesthetic, and some of the model designs were impressive.

So when SPM announced that they were going to be doing a Kickstarter for a tabletop game version of Relic Knights, I was on board. I shared the link with some friends who were likewise excited, and we all bought in (to varying degrees.) We were all super excited to play this new game, with these cool new models. 2013 was going to be an awesome year!

Anyone familiar with the Relic Knights Kickstarter knows just how wonderfully naive that thought was. It was the first Kickstarter for all of us, and we didn't know one golden rule of Kickstarter (at least when it comes to miniatures): the question is not if the project will be delayed, but how long.

More after the break.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Steamroller - Evaluating Harkevich Match Ups

It's Harkevich Season again, and as that's coinciding with an increased chance of playing in local tournaments I've been re-examining Harkevich in the context of SR 2014. Last time I went over some list theory and I came up with a list that I feel gives me a good, fun, playable list that can hopefully shine if paired well.

This time, I'll be match ups for my Harkevich list. The base for that discussion will be to look at what the Harkevich list does and doesn't match up well against, factoring in the faction's strength's and gameplan as a whole, and considering specific 'casters and lists that may pose additional or different challenges.

Harkevich match up discussion will contain 100% less Third Strike, and 100% less color.
Match up breakdowns after the jump.