Monday, February 8, 2016

PP Mini-Keynote (via Primecast) - New Warcaster and Warlock Teasers

The latest Primecast managed to dump a bunch of spoiler info in the form of a mini-keynote of what we can expect from PP in the coming year. Several teasers about the upcoming crop of 'casters and 'locks, along with what seems to be confirmation that we're getting two new sets of 'casters and 'locks this year.

Check after the break for a quick transcript of what Matt Wilson and Jason Soles revealed.

Apologies in advance for the lack of formatting and typos.

Primecast - 2016 WM/H Teasers: 

- new crop of warcasters and warlocks. painted (so models in hand). models coming out 
through 2016.

- Malikus, the Burning Truth. Inspired by Cleansers (not exactly a cleanser). "Butcher of 
Protectorate". Medium Base. Big model. Inspired by Kingpin from Daredevil (in terms of 
stature). Giant warcaster armor, large staff (large torch with spears on the end), book 
chained to hand. Makes fire (he's a priest of incindium, Flameguard temple, he's "left hand 
of Feora"), makes fires bigger. Feat is "butcher like in escalation of flames". 
Continuously obscured by smoke from his torch. "Broadsides bart" like influence on his 
warjacks (refers to output, maybe Broadsides spell?)

- Ragnar skysplitter. Trollkin Runeshaper Warlock. Another large model. One of the largest 
trollkin warlocks. Wields a maul, shaft with a shattered piece of stone (looks "raw and 
ancient", covered in runes). Scrolls on his back. Makes explosive earthquakes, commands the 
earth. Rival of Doomshaper, "butting heads over policy"

- Major Maddux, female cygnar storm knight 'caster. Weapon is a storm knight looking 
weapon, storm chamber armor. Small based. Big sword, with a "cool trick" - toggles between 
melee weapon and big lightning gun (like Stormguard weapon). Former Protectorate POW, 
captured during invasion of sul, story tied to Commander Stryker.

- Bane Witch Agathea, female Bane 'caster for Cryx. Spent time in void, counter point to 
Deneghra: instead of withering, she does work herself. Skirt of screaming souls, long pole 
axe (scythe-like), wing-like power plant ("angel of death"). Feat is "Kaya-like": launches 
battlegroup into enemy then pulls them back "as shadows" (whatever that means).

- Tannith the Feralsong, female Circle warlock. Feral 'caster, staff made of blades. Based 
on blackclads, aesthetically. Meant to be antithesis of Kaya - Kaya is close to her beasts, 
buddies; Tannith views her battlegroup as tools, means to an end. "Circle enforcer". 
Disciple of Wurmwood, uses "darker" magic, "not unhome <sic> in Cryx".

- Magister Helena, Shyeel Mage, Ret 'caster. Arcane mechanik, built myrmidons. Wants to 
test out her myrmidons in combat herself. Soups up her myrmidons in combat. Relationship 
with Ossyan, has some techniques from him.

- Beastmaster Zakaar, Skorne Beastmaster 'caster. Formerly in fluff, left for dead after 
Gunnbjorn shot him in the face. Wields large whips (x2). Weaponmaster, uses whips for 
arcance purposes. Can "transfer spells to target on contact". Fancy pose (sounds like Amon 
with whips going all around him).

- Lord Karslov, Viscount of Skaarsgrad. Khador 'caster. Giant axe. Started as Iron Fang 
'caster conceptually. Serves a potent Greylord master in the fluff. Big cloak (duh).

- Krissa, Conviction of Everblight. Got Athanc of her own actions; wasn't chosen by 
Thagrosh (conflicted as to her role, authenticity). Inspired by Legionnaires.

- New units. "2016 = Year of the Gunmage". Satyxis Gunslingers. Thorn Gun Mages (formerly 
known as Amethyst Rose Gun Mages), assassins of Llaelese resistance, work for Cygnar and 

- Caine3 coming. New connections to B13th. Later in the year release.


  1. That will be interesting.
    None of those really grab me, but then I am settled in my choices of caster and loc--so I really care more about individual Khador and Pig models.
    Welcome back to blogging.

    1. Thanks! I can't say how consistent I'll be, but now that things are settling down again I do want to get back to posting.

      As for the teaser info, I share your feelings. The "worst" thing about the way that the teasers were delivered (I'm grateful for finally getting some new info at least) is that they clearly start off strong - tons of info for the PoM guy - then taper off as it goes on. I think they realize that if they keep talking like that, it'll be a 2 hour podcast, so they end up throttling info way back (around the halfway mark its almost nothing but fluff and names).

      Also, for what its worth, there are two books coming that include models they talk about - the new Cygnar 'caster and Caine3. For what that's worth. ;-)