Friday, January 9, 2015

Breaking News: Moros, Garryth's Character Warjack Spoilers

Reported from the Retribution Facebook group, by way of this post on the PP forums.

Source: NQ58 (also has some sweet artwork for the new warjack)

SPD: 6
STR: 8
MAT: 7
RAT: 6
DEF: 12
ARM: 16
Field Damage Boxes: 6
Grid Damage Boxes: 20
(Grid layout the same as Griffon)

PC: 6

Gun - RNG: 8, ROF: 1, AOE: - , POW: 12, Magical
  -- Paralysis: Living model hit by this weapon has base DEF reduced to 7 and cannot run or charge. Lasts one round. (same as Krea's gun)

Melee [x2] - POW: 5, P+S: 13
 -- Grevious Wounds: A model hit by this weapon loses Tough, cannot heal or be healed, and cannot transfer damage for one round.

Special Rules:
 - Stealth

 - Duelist: This model gains +2 DEF against melee attack rolls.

 - Affinity [Garryth]: Apparition (During your Control Phase, place this model anywhere completely within 2" of its current location)

 - Field Dependent: While it's Field Generator system is crippled, this model loses the Stealth ability and cannot make attacks with it's gun.

 - Special Issue [Garryth]


Seems like an excellent character light warjack. I hear Paralysis on a boostable gun is pretty okay in a faction with Mage Hunter Strike Force, and automatic Grevious Wounds on melee attacks could allow for easier favorable trades with warbeasts (along with pocket warlock assassinations.)

Get out there Ret players and see what you can do with this guy! I'll be sure to post more Reckoning spoilers as they continue to trickle in.

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