Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Hordes: Domination Spoilers

Late last week, spoilers for the rest of the models in Hordes: Devastation started popping up on the web (mostly via Twitter, initially). For reference, this is the best collection of those spoilers I've found:


I've put together collected write ups of spoilers in the past, but I think that may be a thing of the past. Years ago, book spoilers used to come out a week or two in advance of the book, and (most importantly) they were the only way to reference anything in the book before or after it's release.

Nowadays, between War Room, electronic distribution of anthology books, and a general tightening of when spoilers start to sneak out, there isn't much of a gap between when the spoilers come out and when the rules are openly available to everyone. That makes pre-release spoilers much less valuable than they used to be, though they are certainly very fun to experience in the twilight between when they come out and when the full rules are available.

Word on the street is that Hordes: Devastation is supposed to come out on or around October 7th. Once that happens, we should see the full rules uploaded to War Room (give or take any Haley3 level glitches) and of course anyone really interested in the book will be able to buy it digitally. That leaves a *very* small window in which the spoilers are actually useful.  Which in turn makes it that much less worthwhile to type them all up in the long form I usually use.

So, enjoy the text-as-images spoilers! We all should have access to the full rules for these models soon, and whenever that happens (definitely sometime this month, if not this week) I'll be doing my usual full book review. If these spoilers are accurate this is a relatively light book in terms of releases (4 each for the main factions, more for Minions but they're even more odd this time around) so this review should come together pretty quickly.


  1. Having reviewed the book, I can say that this one falls firmly in the category of not too good not too bad.
    I am not overwelmed, but as a pig and legion player I’m satisfied with the units and beasts that this book introduces. I see this book and the previous warmachine book as fixers, correcting issues more than introducing revolutionary concepts.
    Either way I’m interested to hear your thoughts.

    1. I'll say this much: if PP had released the Blightbringer instead of the Archangel, I probably wouldn't have sold my Legion a few years back.

      Devastation review is forthcoming. I've been deep-diving into other games, but I do want to come back and review that book here soon.