Monday, January 13, 2014

...and Dice.

The other half of this blog refers to my love of miniature wargaming. If for whatever reason you got here and don't know what that phrase means, that's kind of beyond the scope of one post to explain.

I will share the short breakdown we were taught to use when I worked for Games Workshop when explaining the game to new customers: its a game where you move models around, roll dice, and stuff happens based on the dice. You also assemble and paint the models yourself, so there's a hobby aspect to it.

Also, for reference, the games I'm most likely to be talking about will be:

Warmachine and/or Hordes, produced by Privateer Press, Inc.


Malifaux, produced by Wyrd Miniatures, LLC

There will be others, I'm sure, but those are the main two game systems that I devote my thinking cycles to. And man, do I devote some thinking cycles to them.

A big part of what brings me back to these games time and time again is the variance involved. Dice/cards are the obvious point of variance/variety/novelty, but there's another layer. There are a ton of different things you can do in how you set up your list or how you played the game that alter how a game could have gone, and it's fascinating to think about all those different options and possibilities.

It's so fascinating that sometimes I go deep down the rabbit hole thinking about how I'd set up a list for a particular 'caster in Warmachine, or how I'd use a model in Malifaux, and sometimes I need to expunge those thoughts in order to be able to function (semi)normally again. So there will be plenty of posts about me rambling on about this 'caster with the hundred different list ideas I have, or this Malifaux model and all the different ways I think it may be useful (or terrible.)

Getting into the specifics of any one thing would cause this post to explode, so I'll just wrap it up here by saying the next post is probably going to be a long yarn about the Warmachine 'caster I've had on the brain for awhile now: Harkevich, the Iron Wolf.

That should be going up relatively soon (I seriously need to get some of these list thoughts out of my head before it explodes,) so keep an eye out for it!

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