Thursday, January 9, 2014


Before I start jibber-jabbering about the topics bouncing around in my head, I think it's worth framing what readers (reader? just the author?) can expect from this blog.

My main interests are: miniatures wargaming, video games, and movies. I tend to float between all of those intermittently, so beware possible topic whiplash as one post may be about the virtues of certain list compositions, the very next post may be about the state of the modern action movie, and the one after that may be about how much I love anime fighters (a lot.)

Also, just so no one ever gets truly comfortable, I'll very likely toss in random posts about whatever I have on my mind that isn't related to those "prime" topics. It should be fun!

One thing to bear in mind: I'm not sure if anyone is ever going to read anything I write. Like most people with a blog (I'm assuming) I'm going to toss a link in my forum signatures, and I may mention it to some of my friends, but other than that I don't have a big interest in pushing this blog. Most of what I'm writing is about getting my thoughts out there, and maybe to reference them later on.

I mention that as a framing device: I'd be "typing" these posts up in my head, even if I didn't have a blog. So just imagine what an average hour is like in my head.

To all who read this and hopefully continue to read, I thank you in advance. I'll do my best to keep it interesting.