Friday, April 10, 2015

My Three Haleys

This image:

Combined with the following product listing (taken from the official PP release schedule):
"Major Prime Victoria Haley—Cygnar Epic Warcaster Unit"
Seems to indicate that Haley3 will be a warcaster unit of three Haleys: past (young scout Haley), present (the one we know and "love"), and future (floating tricked out grandma Haley).

It's impossible to guess at what that means - though I'm sure folks will be doing so right up until we get the rules for her in June - but however it shakes out, that is one of the coolest goddamn things I've seen this company come out with. I'm no big fan of Cygnar or Haley, but I can't deny a fantastic idea when I see it.

For my money, I don't expect this set of Haleys to operate that much differently than a normal warcaster unit. Though they could take this as an opportunity to take another crack at creating a 'caster that operates like the Witch Coven, but with the warcaster unit rules in place to streamline them.

Regardless of how she turns out, Haley3 (at least in concept) is another home run 'caster concept from a book that is brimming over with them (now that we know the new Protectorate 'caster is a gigantic Paladin). Reckoning is in, *ahem*, prime shape to be the best Warmachine book ever.


  1. My first thought went like: "So, these three are time-locked together? HOW THE FUCK DID THAT EVER HAPPEN?"

    1. Pretty much that, yes. :)

      It's an idea that is awesome, but kind of stupidly awesome.