Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Lock & Load 2015: Before the Floodgates

Lock and Load 2015 is nigh. Scheduled to officially begin on June 5th, there is also a day of pre-event stuff that goes on for Press Gangers and Privateer Press staff members, so the event sort-of starts tomorrow. Anyone with an eye on going to L&L is either getting ready to go or has already left to get there, and they have a lot to be excited about. By all accounts, L&L is a pretty awesome event to attend.

For those of us stuck on the sidelines, there is still a lot to be excited about: L&L 2015 promises to be a wondrous pinata of information for previously unknown models. Big conventions are almost always a source of some kind of new info (though whether or not there are actual rules to be had varies,) but L&L 2015 is the first time in a long while where so many things have lined up to be revealed at the same time, which makes it especially exciting.

Both sides of the game - Warmachine and Hordes - have things to expect out of L&L 2015:

 - For Warmachine: The pre-release of Warmachine: Reckoning. The book is going to be officially released on June 17, but I've heard it all-but-confirmed that it will be available at L&L this year. At some point, we'll be getting juicy spoilers for all of the unknowns for that book (and there's still quite a bit we don't know concrete information for yet). That is going to be a dizzying amount of information to process - even though each faction is probably only getting 4-5 new entries each, there are still likely 25-30 things in the book - and that should be enough to keep Warmachine players entertained and engaged for awhile.

 - For Hordes: The release of the "Hordes 10th Anniversary Boxed Set". This set is supposed to be similar to the Warmachine 10th Anniversary Boxed Set released last year, which contained Butcher3 on a big 'ol fancy diorama, along with some certificates and other finery. And, of course, the first look at his rules. The Hordes 10th Anniversary Boxed Set is exciting for the same reason that the Warmachine one was: it's a chance to get an early look at a new warlock (from the upcoming Hordes: Devastation expansion).

What makes the Hordes 10th Anniversary Boxed Set particularly exciting is that it is looking more and more likely that it will give us an early peek at several new warlocks. Teaser images and general discussion about the context of the box have revealed that it will be containing three modelsfrom two different factions; that's a helluva lot more exciting than just having one 'caster (a la Butcher3)! Speculation abounds as to what the contents could be - reports have gone back and forth as to how many warlocks will be in the box, with the most recent consensus being "two?" - but there's no denying that there is a ton of excitement built up over the reveal of what's inside. Whatever warlock(s) are revealed, it should give us a very interesting look at what to expect out of Hordes: Devastation.

Related to that is the fact that we'll probably also be seeing rules for a couple of models from that expansion book at L&L. The Gremlin Swarm and Croak Raiders are new models coming in the next Hordes book, and both of those are scheduled to release in July, which means it's likely that they'll be available for early sale at L&L (I've read it "confirmed" in a few places, but I don't know that there's any master list that is a reliable source as to what will be for sale). So that's another set of models that will give us a sneak peak at what to expect for the next Hordes expansion.

Finally, because it is time for them to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Hordes, and because Hordes: Devastation may not be that far off (it's listed as "Fall 2015", and the release event packages are supposedly being made available in August 2015) I wouldn't be surprised to see another (probably short) teaser/stinger trailer to hype up the next set of Hordes releases a bit more. I'm not sure what else there may be to show - the Gargantuans 2.0 trailer actually showed us quite a bit overall - but if PP can add to the hype, I'm sure they will.

Overall, L&L 2015 seems like its going to be a convention that is just lousy with exciting, interesting spoilers on new models. I'll be posting up spoilers as fast as I can find them, and refining them as the days go on and information gets sorted out. There's going to be a lot of information out there (and I expect the bulk of it to come on June 5th, when the event starts in earnest) but I'll keep up with it as best I can.

In the meantime, feel free to join me as a I sit, twitching, awaiting the wonderful moment when information starts to flow out of the con doors.

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